Cover Co Clothing was started on the basis of covering your basics. In the military, a basic we all abide by is having your "cover" or hat with you at all times. Here, we want to ensure we don't forget to cover one of the most basic necessities in life, but most forgotten, mental health. It is important to support the mental health of our veterans and non-veterans alike, as many suffer covertly in silence.



We have partnered with the Headstrong Project to demonstrate our company values.

Besides providing quality clothing for diverse settings, Cover Co. was started to spread mental health awareness and support all those effected - veteran and non-veteran. We are excited to promote our support by donating 10% of all our profits to the Headstrong Project.

Headstrong is a national mental health treatment practice of choice for our
nation’s military-connected individuals, veterans, and their associated family
members. They offer confidential, barrier-free and stigma-free evidence-based
trauma-focused treatment. If you are interested in learning more about the Headstrong Project, or interested in the services that are available for you, visit their site:

  • Our Values

    Family, faith, goals and support of the things that we each hold dear to our value system. Don't forget your cover, don't forget to cover your basics.

  • Quality

    We strive to bring you quality products that keep you covered all year round, from covers (hats) to rain jackets and cozy blankets to everyday essentials.

  • Our Hope

    Support the local community, veterans and non-veterans alike, in striving to live a healthier life, physically and mentally, covering all aspects of what drives us.


    Dan Sperling

    Cover Co. was created to be used as a means to provide quality clothing and apparel that I would be proud to wear, while supporting the military veteran community by addressing and talking about something that hits home to myself and the military/veteran community, mental health.

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